New year's eve is here! I have to say I am so grateful of the year that I had.. It started really tough but it improved so much with the days that went by! The picture of the Eiffel tower is so significant to me, because when I was sitting down in the grass watching that amazing tower I got so emotional that I am travelling in Europe, I am accomplishing my dreams I've created memories, I can do whatever I want, because really the sky is the limit!! 

I entered the school that I wanted, studied what I wanted and I got to meet so incredible people! I can now say I have real friends and that is something I am so grateful for! I really cherish my friendship with them and I wouldn't change them at all! Well, this year was really a working kind of year because it was non stop! But I enjoyed so much I have to say it was one of the years that I most enjoyed of my life... or at least those 4 years that I spent in high school (which were living hell, except for one year) So now be able to really enjoy the year is such a relief! 

I got to go to incredible countries and meet so amazing people, I got to know London, Paris, Prague, Madrid, Marbella, Cordoba, Costa del Sol, Rhonda, Andalucía, Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat, Tanger, Casablanca, Meknes, I even went on a boat all the way in the strait of Gibraltar!!! It was just a dream month were I met friends for life and got so much closer with the ones that I already knew, it was a magical month, were I learnt so much, I grew as a person and just everything that I thought got stronger. I would love if I could have gone to the US (since it is my country and I love it to death) But I needed to focus on school because of the travel to Europe we missed like 2 weeks and in fashion design 2 weeks is like A LOT. 

Moving on with the year, my cousin got pregnant and had her baby girl back in April which is so adorable! I had really amazing adventures that I took for granted and now I regret not have been able of really consider them, a lot of dreams came true! And if that wasn't the best year of all my life, recently I decided for good that I was going to move out to Miami Beach babeeeees, I am going to comer more dreams true because I loved the experience of accomplishing them and to be honest that is the place for me, it is going to be tough at first but I know I will love it, oh and finishing I just want to say thanks for following me on twitter, instagram, blogger and being regular readers of my blog! I love that so much!! Lets have a great NYE and hope you have an amazing 2013!! Love you guys so much!!