Now that I work at a proper office, my daily outfits have changed. With this crazy weather and the fact that I have to run all over Manhattan, work wear has been a high interest of mine lately and a worry to say the least. 
The other day I was on my way to lunch at a great sushi place I just discovered, when I was crossing the street I saw 3 girls women walking with perfect hair, sunglasses and spring dresses, while I was walking with perfect hair, prescription glasses and an all black outfit. Which is not a bad thing to wear black, after all I feel like I am channeling the old school NYC fashion, but I didn't feel as glamorous as I saw that group. And we all know what that meant, shopping.

I went to the always great Forever21 to buy at least 3 or 4 dresses so I can wear them to work. Never happened to me before that I was too tall for the dresses, because none of them fit me the way I wanted or how my mind tricked me on how they should look like on myself. 
Don't get me wrong, I've always loved a good mini skirt (I used to wear uniform at school and my skirt was the shortest of them all) and I do think it is sexy to show some leg and be all 'sun's out, bums out' but let's be real, I can't go to work, at an office, in Midtown Manhattan with a dress that if I bend just a little I am going to show all my ass... is fine when you are in Miami or at the beach but not for a 10-4 job ;).