We all have bad days, is inevitable but what is not, is how we deal with these days. I don't suggest that you embrace it and cry out all day, but I do believe sometimes a good hour of crying helps. But you know what helps the most? ... Keep reading to find out!

  1. Smile, think positive even if it seems impossible. I had to go through the worst thing of my life last year and to be honest I am not near to be what I used to and I don't think I will ever be, but I challenge myself on how do I live with it in a happier way. Every time I remember what happen my heart drops and I feel like crying and never getting out of my room and I embrace that feeling until I say to myself stop, then I smile even if I don't feel like it and something changes, I start thinking positive things or I even go to my Pinterest to have that positive energy for a while, and sometimes 'Fake it 'til you make it' works.
  2. Eat that cookie, chocolate or sugary thing! If you are feeling bad, why forbid yourself eat something nice? I am totally against of 'food for comfort' but it is true that a little chocolate goes a long way. And let's be honest, baking is fun, going shopping is fun, seeing other people have a laugh is fun! So if you decide to bake your cookies, shop for the cookies or having cookies at your local café you will definitely feel better.
  3. Take your pet out or go to a shelter or a dog park. Before I moved to NYC I never thought 'Dog parks' were a thing. When I first move and was by myself all day and it was winter, some day a woman came to the store with a dog, you could have seen my face of excitement, I love animals, so I realized I was craving 'animal love' at that point, dogs and cats are so full of love! So go and pet them, see them and kiss those fluffy pretty animals, or even get one so you can have unconditional love to give and receive every day! 
  4. Who doesn't love flowers? Me. Well that was before I discovered I am in love with bright color flowers like tulips. They make my house look prettier, smell nicer and feel like home. If you don't have a boyfriend then pretend that those flowers you just bought were from him. (crazy I know) but it might help!
  5. Have a party or a drink, or both. Going out with friends is fun, they make you think of other stuff and have a nice laugh. Drink a nice cocktail, a pretty one, because who wants to drink a plain vodka soda? Instead go for a sex on the beach, martini, cosmopolitan or something that will make you feel better, happier and so sex in the city.