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Polo. What a nice posh sport. I love men from Argentina, so of course I love Polo. 

I remember I got invited once to Polo in the Park in the UK (too bad I wasn't able to actually fly there so I had to miss it) and then got invited to a Polo match in NYC but I had to work that day and I was being a super responsible young adult (we need to save here in the city lol). And last Saturday was the Veuve Cliquot #VCPoloClassic , yeah I needed to hashtag is just so millennial I couldn't hold myself. So in honor to that glorious and so English sport I have to share my favorite outfits. 

Which I have to say, the style at Polo matches are one of my favorites of all times, so Dolce&Gabbana it makes me want to grab my bags and take a trip to Italy. Full of lace, wedges, white hues, pastel colors, pretty straw hats and midi dresses (a huge trend right now).
Doesn't these pictures take you back a good years back, when everything was more glamorous?