Being stressed all the time (I just can't help it) running around everywhere and not having time at all have been the 3 major things that are affecting my lifestyle. While I don't feel super bad I am not feeling at my greatest since I am tired all day since I wake up, I don't have enough energy (even tho I do everything I want) but it would be nicer to do everything with energy. I'm gonna make these changes...
I also noticed that my back is aching a lot more when I am sitting down and that probably is because I am not working out other than walking all day around the city. Anyways, I feel my lifestyle needs a change now. So I am writing this post on a Sunday actually and I am going to share some things that I am going to change this week to have a healthier and better lifestyle through out the week. Also stay tuned for a future post on "skin detox". 

  1. Eat every candy and chocolate I want just for today.
  2. Prepare my meals for the week.
  3. Try to meditate every morning at least 10 min. 
  4. Try a new sport like yoga or pilates (if I have time)
  5. Practice my organizational skills (they are lacking atm)
  6. Have me time, 1 hour every single day. This is so important people!
  7. Try not to plan everything (As much as I love being organized as 1pm do this, 2pm do that. I know with my current lifestyle is impossible so I want to embrace it in a different practical way).