You always dreamed about it when you were in high school, you would always say 'When I turn 18, I'll be out of my parent's and enjoy life'. Let me tell you the truth. Best decision I've ever made, al though not because I wanted to leave my parents, I adore living with my mom and I miss her every day, as well as my dad and the rest of my family. But living by yourself is such a journey, emotionally and physically (because now you have to take care of yourself in every way. Not so good at cooking huh?.. yeah me neither). 

I've had funny experiences while adjusting to this new lifestyle! I don't have anyone to make me breakfast. So there's an open position to be my boyfriend ;).* Anyways, as I said before, is a journey. 
Funny thing that happened to me the other day. I was doing laundry and I don't know why I decided it was going to be a good idea to wash everything, like, everything. So I poured down bleach on my white sheets, towels and clothes like I was on a sexy commercial washing a car while eating the biggest burger ever, and added regular detergent for my colored black clothes. 

3 full washers ready to clean everything. Locked and started the washing process. Did I mentioned I also washed a big queen size throw and comforter? Well... I was going to add money to my card and GUESS WHAT! The machine was broken so now the process of thinking how the hell am I going to dry all of this without going to the laundromat (I hate them) and in this winter day at 7pm, started. What the F am I going to do to sleep! My bed had no sheets or comforter or anything on a cold day. WHAT!? How did I not prevented this from happening and add money before loading 3 washers!!!!!! 
The 40 minutes passed and I was stuck with a pile ton of soaking wet clothes because I added to much things in the washer! I grabbed everything (it was damn heavy, water really adds weight... so if you want to loose weight, drink water so there's no water retention!) And surprise! after 5 minutes I had a flooded room. In that moment I felt awful, like what a failure I am for not preventing things from happening, not thinking, not paying attention (which I do a lot of), not being able to have a stable job so I can rent a descent size apartment by myself and buy a washer/dryer ... (Yeah, I am so naive LOL). 
So after a couple of minutes and a lot of crying (I'm a crying baby.. I cried for the AC, will tell you that later) my neighbor told me the machine for adding money to the card is working so I could go and dry everything .. thank god! 
Long story short... never load 3 washers without checking how much do you have on the card, and also... don't wash everything in one day so if something happens you have nothing to wear or sleep in! 

It is all a journey, and adjustment so if you are living alone, go with it, enjoy it, embrace it, smile about it, cry it out (I do it every time) but be grateful because there are still some 40 year old living with their parents... and there's nothing wrong with that, but I do think you have to experiment living by yourself, alone. 

Yours truly, 
Your New York Girl.