Now that I am working at a proper office my daily outfits have changed, from being a sales specialist at Victoria's Secret and wearing jeggings and a sweater or shirt all black now has come the challenge of dressing office appropriate with a comfy touch and let's be real, a personal statement as well. In Chile work wear is disgusting to say the least, the most boring clothes and everyone seems like they are wearing a uniform bought at a very disgusting thrift shop from the 50's so I was having that mentality of 'How can I dress better and not copy that hideous style'. 

In New York? Totally different, is crazy how people dress here to go to their office jobs 9-5! They dress amazing, good looking people, with a great pair of black sunglasses that for sure must have cost them a good portion of their salary and great tailored clothes, like a midi dress, skirt or full palazzo or peggy pants. People that go to work in Midtown East are really stylish, to say the least
And now comes the tricky game, because dressing in a cool weather where there's a little sun is relatively easy, but 90% of humidity and high temperatures makes it rather tricky, so here are my 3 tips to cool down on your work wear! 

  1. Off the shoulder tops : The latest trend for sure will keep you cool and try choosing chiffon or viscose fabrics!
  2. Flare pants and dresses are your best friends : It is all about the air coming in from everywhere you can, long flare pants look very stylish with a cool shirt. And dresses, come on it's an obvious one!
  3. Nice cute sandals : Because the shoes matter and ALDO is having a buy one get one 40% promo online and in store! Take advantage of that now.