Me and my best friend were looking to go somewhere with great weather, nice crowd, amazing parties and overall the best energy for her birthday celebration. That's why we came up with the idea of going to Ibiza but I asked everyone I knew and people that would go into the store I work in, to ask them if Ibiza was a good idea in December, turns out, it's not. It is the worst idea ever and the time for Ibiza is right now, around June really, but not close enough to December. And since then I've seen everything and everyone talking and going to Ibiza, that's why I decided, why not gather some pics and outfit ideas for a nice Ibiza trip? It could be a weekend, a whole week or a month (if you are that hardcore) but here are my inspirations for some Ibiza time! Scroll down to see some fashion! Stay tuned for more #TSSDestinations!

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