I am a sucker for shoes, if they were collectibles I would buy them all so then I could sell my collection for millions of dollars, but thinking about it .. I actually wouldn't sell them and just stare at them all day long, which is both stupid and ridiculous. But I couldn't resist and I had to buy these. 

So if you've already seen this post, you know how much I love those and how comfortable yet stylish they are! And for a long time I've been thinking of getting nude sneakers, and when I saw these, which I did with the light blue ones and was torn between the 2, I couldn't resist my inner girl with the green scarf (props to you if you understood that one!) and buy them. Cool thing is that apart from being nude, they have hemp fabric which is one of the biggest trends for this summer! aaghh I am so excited for the sun to come out! And I am happy to say, I added one more pair to my ever growing shoe collection ! <3.

Buy these and more flatform shoes below!