I've always been obsessed with decor and I dream someday to decorate my apartment by myself, all me, all my style. And the other day surfing facebook I stumble upon this great post about bathrooms from Harper's Bazaar! And honestly I need to have a ton of houses so I can recreate everything! 

So, little tips for you to have a luxurious home on a budget. 
  1. Soft base colors like beige, white or gray are perfect for layering with vibrant colors like blues, fuchsia, black.
  2. White towels are always the most luxurious thing! 
  3. Coffee table books, fashion books are great for this!
  4. Candles
  5. Glass and mirrors, they open up spaces and make your guest think you have a lot of money to be living on that apartment. 
  6. Rugs are always a luxurious treat, sometimes they can't be on a budget but if you search around IKEA you will find some great ones! 
  7. Flowers, always have flowers!