I know, MIA for sure. But living in the city (for the 823778123 time) is hectic, stressful but fun and adventurous at the same time. There's no chance to sleep or rest or just take a little break in this crazy city, but really, why taking a break when I am so young? Why not experience it all, do everything so when I am old enough I can sit back and relax and rest all the time I couldn't when I was young! 

A little note about the pictures, these days have finally been sunny and warm! So I could go around with just a blouse and a sleveless leather jacket! Also, I bought a new sweater which I can't wait to wear! (bad timing though) because the days are super warm for me to wear it, but I remember last year 25th May was very cold so, you are definitely going to see it soon! 

Union Square