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October 22, 2017


New York, Oh New York. This is my city, my home and the place I fell madly in love about 2 years ago. When people come here to visit they do the same stuff tourists do, I mean Times Square, VS store whatever, those places are OVERRATED, just like any New Yorker I have a deep hate towards Times Square since it is a waste of time and space, sure lights are cool but go to Paris for that. But today I am sharing 5 things to do in NYC, things that the average tourist wouldn't do, but this is why I am here for.

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1. Coffee in Little Italy. Yes, maybe I should have said pasta but nothing beats the true capuccino like italians or the espresso for the tough ones, here you won't get a "Venti" size cup, but a little super strong one. What can I say "La Dolce vita" is true and I can feel my italian roots!

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2. Go to the MET. Do me a favor and go, spend a whole day in this wonderful museum right now. You just have to make a small contribution to enter (You don´t need to pay $25) Al though I did it the first time (I had no clue it wasn't mandatory) so now I just give like 50cents. I already payed a 5 year quota OK!?

3. Restaurants are in bulk here, I heard once you can go to a different restaurant for dinner for 50 years! But guarantee not all of them are great. That's why the Tapas style are my fave, you mess it up with one and you won't feel guilty because you are not paying $30 an entreรฉ!

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4. SoHo. Stands for south of Houston street. Fun fact right there. Anyways, I hate sharing my super not so secret gems of my life, but if tourist haven't really discover is this awesome neighborhood (believe me! its packed, but mostly with wannabe artists and few tourists from Europe).  

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5.Art. Last but not least is the art in this city, weather you don't consider graffiti to be art, these murals are cool and a great photo op. Time to get out that inner photographer you are and take a pic of everything, but remember to never forget to actually LOOK at the art and feel it, because a picture might be a thousand words but if you don't really see art with your eyes is like you weren't there and we all know that plane tickets to NYC are not cheap.