Sooner rather than later, this applies to this haul and my new announcement which is I am going to start a very cool youtube channel in the near future, won't tell you a lot now tho! On to the haul, I bought this 3 china glaze nail polishes cause I was in need for some fuchsia, purple and pink colors, I didn't find all of the ones I wanted to buy but these 3 are my top ones, specially Purple panic since is the second time I buy it (Yes, I am addicted I already told you!) 

In my country they are like $7 USD so is not much of a splurge, considering the OPI's here are about $14 or more and super hard to find! The odd thing is every time I go to the US I never EVER buy nail polishes, which is totally weird since they have more colors, way cheaper and more brands... I hope you enjoy this mini haul and I bet it will be much more fun on video! so ... stay tuned ;).