Happy Thanksgiving guys!! 

Black Friday is tomorrow and being in Chile will not step me aside from this. (And it hasn't I already purchased a bunch of stuff in amazing discounts!
One of my top tips is actually buy what you always buy, for example I love the simple V neck T shirts from Forever21 so I would buy tons more if they are with some discount. 
Also black Friday is a great time to try thing you normally wouldn't try at regular price and this runs for me with Victoria's Secret! Try some of their bras or the most recent VSX stuff! 

Another tip top rule for me this black Friday is to research first the stores and what they have so I won't e indecisive when it comes down to buy! And don't forget if you are one of the first 500 people outside any Old Navy store in the US you could be the one that wins $1 million dollars!!! Isn't that a truly black Friday offer ?! Don't forget to share some stuff with the hash tag #tssblackfriday ;)!