Imagine coming to your house after an incredibly month in Europe so your mom can finally tell you someone got into the house (the day after I left) and stole a bunch of things ... heart breaking, but the most heart breaking thing was the laptop that was stolen which had a bunch of pictures from our trips to Miami which I didn't save in my other computer... but now imagine my surprise and happiness yesterday when I look at my mom at the computer and she was looking all of this pictures which I thought I didn't have in the computer!!!!!! I am so happy and excited that we finally found them (actually my mom did lol) But it seriously brought me so many memories and made me so happy to see all of the amazing memories we've made over the years and specially in our beloved country!!!! I am photo bombing hard my instagram so if you want to see more of these pictures head to @rafaellaonline ;)! They are sooooo pretty !!!!!!! I am so happy, seriously!