I am starting a whole new era on my  blog! And this week is the real kicking off (Because it is Monday) And we all know what that means... Starting the new diet, lol, I am kidding, though happens to a lot of people. But that is not what I am going to talk about. The new section of all the upcoming Mondays! Trends 2013 (What a creative name huh?) (I just make myself laugh so much sometimes).


We all have jeans, though not everyone owns denim shirts, (I don't even own one neither, I know, I know... well now that I am thinking about it, I actually do, well it's my mom's but.. the same thaaang. Anyways, it is so easy this trend, just throw on denim all over and some cool accessories, like gold touches, biker boots, feminine heels or neon accessories! And there you go!