I am so excited because this is my first DIY post!!! I saw this amazing idea and immediately wanted to share! Since I am re decorating my room, I figured that with so many cheap or things you have in your house you can spice up your decor! And here is how to! 

Well the picture is pretty self explanatory so I don't think you will need very much of help! Though I have to share my advice with this! First, practice on another paper your kisses, cause you never know if that way you were thinking is the best (it only takes just one paper more). Also if you are combining a lot of lipsticks remember to swipe them off before starting with another one cause you don't want it to be messy! 

And I think that's it! Super amazing DIY and I hope I will came back with more! I loved this one! did you ? Share your thoughts or even pictures if you tried it too! Have a nice day!