Today is for a little of nails!I have a trick under my sleeve that you are going to love! I bet is super difficult to take off your glitter polish.. right? I know is a pain in the ass and here is a super fast and great trick on how to take it all of in only 10 minutes and no force at all! 

The amazing trick is to put some foil in your nails... well not that simple, just take a piece of cotton or a cotton ball (more simple) and add a little of acetone or nail polish remover (both are the same but pure acetone is a little bit too strong for your nails!). When you have that put that cotton ball with the nail polish remover in your nail and on top add the aluminum foil to seal and let it be there for 10 minutes, then when it is time to take it off, do a little massage for just 30 seconds or maybe more and voila! There is your nail, free of glitter polish! Easy right?