Hello lovelies! I am definitely a little bit busy these couple of days so I am sorry if I am going to post entries with little text on, but of course the pictures will keep on coming ! 
What I am really loving are the fab wedges, perfect for winter and summer! 

I am loving this full wedge booties with wool details for winter! Plus the greatest thing about these, you are not going to be super cold and you are not going to be uncomfortable !! These are the peeeerfect shoe to walk in if you are running errands or you just want to look chic but staying comfy as a pair of  flats! 

Now for the summer thing... sandals (wedges still) are awesome for the beach or the grass you can just take them off when you step into the sand and you will be super comfy when walking on grass and not being worried about the heel almost 5ft under the ground!!