It is the second day of one of my favorites months! and I made a promise to myself to try to post every day of this beautiful month... I will start thinking about what to write for 31 posts! hahaha. And that will include 2 Nail Tutorials, and 2 Make up Tutorials (SPECIALS!) .

But for today I will bring you the best of both worlds, the summer and the winter! I love them both and all my life I've dreamed about having a snowy Christmas! but since here is summer with the highest temperatures of decades, once again my wish will be destroyed! Thanks ... 

Knit wear for Christmas it is just a dream to me, having the amazing family dinner and waiting to open the presents in your most comfortable but very stylish outfit is like a movie from Hollywood, if you are in a country were you will have a snowy Christmas, take advantage of these pictures and maybe you will look like never before this 24th December! 

But if you are kind of like me (I don't have these beautiful beaches!) you can dress with a very sexy, flirty and fun skirt like the one with the bow.. even more on the holiday season! hahaha. Or you can opt for a very flowy dress, sexy, fun and very light weight to be stylish for your Christmas dinner!