You know, you know I am obsessed with nail art and every time I make something in my nails I want to take it off to try a new thing, that's why after I tried acrylic nails (which I love) I never use top coat again ... (that way it is easiest to take the nail polish off). In normal nails I wouldn't recommend to not apply top coat since your whole design will be a hot mess in like 2 days! And with that being said here is my first Youtube video!!!! Don't forget to share it with your friends and with me with the hashtag #Thestylestashvids

I am a sucker for China Glaze and I am very sure to say 97% of my nail polish collection is from this brand! (Cause it is the perfect one). 

The products I used in this video are: 

- AVERY Reinforcement Labels 1/4" Diameter. I bought them at the CVS. 
-China Glaze "Icicle". 
-China Glaze "Liquid Leather". 
-China Glaze "Snow Globe".
-China Glaze "Silver Lining".