I decided to get a little out of the normal and sharing my love from House Decor .. Lately I've been wanting to change my bedroom in a whole another way (which is impossible because of the lack of space, lol) And I even though about getting rid of my bed and just throwing a couch and some more "office" like stuff...Which is a bad idea cause a couch doesn't seem too comfy. Anyways.. enjoy!

 I love white and black, and those are my top colors when it comes to ... EVERYTHING, including my room. Through the years I've had yellow-ish orange, one big pink stripe and white walls.. which all they bored me to death .. but now I am back with the all white everything with black and some (very few) fuchsia accents. Too bad I live in a country where the options are very limited and my desk is wood tone.. good thing at least is light one. But I wish I had more vibes like these pictures.. Don't you love them too?