I know that I've already talked about neon colors in your nails! but I just discover the perfect manicure for me :)
The problem I always have had with neon colors is that, my hand is very pale so with the pink neon my hand looks purple ! like if I had hypothermia! hahaha and few days ago I remembered when Lindsay Lohan went to the MTV video awards wearing a silver suit with her tips in pink neon I thought I should try that.

First I tried with a metallic silver french manicure, the same as the french with the white tip but this was completely natural nail with the tip in silver metallic and it looks absolutely beautiful and fancy!

And it was yesterday that the little bulb in my head turned on! and I said to myself why I don't use neon for the tip? the pink neon that I hate in my entire nail? and I did it ! and now I can't stop looking at my fabolous french-pink-neon manicure!! I just love how It turned out!

PLUS! In my school you can't go with colorful nails, actually don't even white nails, so this pink neon tip is perfect cause it isa little color and very fancy, they shouldn't tell me anything :)! hahaha.

Hope you do it yourself and like it,