fashion blog
 I am a fashion designer, fashion blogger and of course a fashion LOVER! I wanted to create this blog to help people look according their body shape, to make them look beautiful but also to generate an opinion, I want people to look different, to have their own points of view and ways of expressing themselves.
I am encouraging people to change the way they look, or congratulate people who dresses amazing, that have a statement!

The idea of the blog was born with the idea of breaking into the fashion industry, this way I can share what I think and what I love the most, what my life is about and what gives sense to my days!... FASHION. 

I am 100% dedicated to this blog and my career on fashion design. I really want to say thank you to all the people who reads my blog, who comments, who send e-mails and the people who give me some feedback! Thank you guys soooo much without you my blog would be nothing!

If you want to email me you can do it at : or tweet me at @TheStyleStash!!