I am so excited to be returning to Brazil after 2 years! or 1, I don't remember very well. But I thought it was the perfect excuse for all of us to think about summer weather and style! Here are my fav picks for a beach vacation or getaway! 

From left to right:
Skirt by VIX - Jumpsuit by Missoni - Maxi dress by Heidi Klein

I am a huge maxi dress lover and they are perfect for people who want to hide more at the beach or when it is a bit more chill and you just want to relax and enjoy the sunset. Also is a great piece for shopping! (a must on every vacation lol ) 

Also the wedges are perfect if you are the no-flats woman and you want to be comfortable walking in to your beach destination! Good piece of jewelry or just cool accessories are a great way to add spice to that simple bikini and cover up outfit! And you could never forget that colors are a must when you go to the beach and specially in Brazil!