Ok, the idea of this series is how to dress (still being comfy) on Sundays, cause we all know Sundays are the days you really want to be comfy and just hang around!. Here is my feminine way to rock these Sundays!

First of all I know jeans can be a little uncomfortable so choose wisely, I love a pair of super skinny Jeans I go from Wet Seal. like 2 years ago (yes, they are def my go to!) or Forever21 too! ( I just need to buy jeans in the US, here no even 1 fits perfectly!) also you can choose jeggings (perfect right?).

Add a cool, feminine accessory like sunglasses or a cute scarf or nood (just make sure it is fresh enough for summer or warm enough for winter!) And there you go! Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!.

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