I know it's been a long time since I haven't dedicated fully to the blog, is because I just can't take my eyes off this beautiful place. But now I am back, I took my 2 weeks of vacation (though I'm still here) I will be posting more often and ootd are coming! Today I wanted to share with you this necklace. I talked about this on my video, which has a great giveaway so go and check that one out. For me the statement necklace trend is not going anywhere, since it is a great piece to just throw on and add that spice your outfit was missing. 

I saw this necklace back in my country, I would say 6 months ago and I loved it, I didn't buy it cause it was too expensive, or that is what I thought at the moment, but when I saw it the other day hanging on the forever21 shelves I just had to take it home with me (plus it was way cheaper). I love this color, is kind of a weird blue / light blue combo that makes me transport to another time, I don't know, the color is just so pretty!