These are my absolute must have for the beach! Lately I've been so obsessed with pastel colors and this sephora by opi color is one of my favorites of all times, I am actually half of the bottle (which is crazy!) and it is a perfect cool color for the beach, also I got my lovely snakeskin print bikini, which was on my wishlist for the longest time ever and suddenly I was at the mall with my mom one day and I founded, on sale, which was a no brainer! I love it, is simple yet with the cuteness a bikini needs  and is so comfy too! 

For a cover up I am wearing my long dress from Forever21, which I have to say is so fresh for this kind of weather! but I was so stupid not to pack a real cover up (yup, really dumb) And of course an umbrella... cause here the rain will pour down when you least expect it!