Hi people! so today I am here to show you a product that A. it is way different from what I normally post (and I have a good reason why) and B. I love it. So it is called "Just a drop" that neutralizes the smells of public restrooms, I don't know if I have tell you before but I am a neat freak and I HATE public bathrooms, they are my Nº1 enemy on this planet, oh, maybe 2, spiders are by far my biggest enemy.
So this product cleans and neutralizes the smells and will make the experience of going to a public restroom much more pleasant (not sure if it is the right way to say it, but it will give you one less thing to worry about when you are out), so if you are on a hurry and have to go to a public restroom, this little product will work wonders. I will give 3 lucky winners 5 free samples so you can try it and tell me what you think! 

Rules are: 
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-Comment below your name and email!
- Giveaway will be closed 3rd May! Good luck :)