Maybe not all of you know but when I first wanted to blog about something was nail art, then I realized I didn't have the equipment to take great pictures and that quickly lead me to post more about fashion, which is my number 1 true love. 

The nail art passion started with the whole nail art actually, it was very early when I was captured by this small little art, where you have a tiny white canvas and make crazy things with it. I immediately went to the cheapest neighborhood when it comes to nail polish and bought myself every single color, so I could make any sort of nail art. Then, I started using better nail polishes and my nail art desire was quickly slowing down. Now I am all about nail art all over again! I cannot keep my nails for more than 3 days because I just want to experiment way more, that's why I am leaving you a couple of my nail arts from the past 2 weeks, sorry for the quality of the pictures because I took them with my iphone, I often upload my nails on instagram so if you are not following me, you should!