So I have a weird obsession which doesn't even translate into my personal style, but Indie fashion (movies, books and even music) are one of my "guilty" pleasures. I might be the complete opposite to the average Indie personality but there is something I love about all these Indie-style people. 

Since I was a kid I never liked pink, now I do but when I was 8 you just don't even try to give me like a pink tutu, those were a NO NO for me. Why am I writing this? Because I've never had a particular style and I have no problem at all with that, I've always think Why having a word describe your style? That will make you fall into just one category for the rest of your life and you will always have to stay true to that. 

So why fall into one thing and not being able to experiment? I do believe we all have something that we love and enjoy and that can describe ourselves, but for me style is always changing wether it is evolving or otherwise, that's why I don't like to tag myself with an specific style name. That is the Indie in me, that I don't care about the rules, yes I consider myself a fashion expert because I know a lot about it and I've always read about it and fashion for me is just life so how can I not be an expert if it has been in my life for over 21 years? but that is the Indie persona I have, that I don't care to go with socks and wedges. I don't care to be dressed bad in a day I just don't want to do anything. I love this Indie thing where a Jean jacket and old A line skirt and sock with wedges are a thing, I love the straight hair with bangs. I love this Indie thing.