Well hello! It's been a month and it felt good to kind of disconnect from the internet (kinda) and get to explore NYC with one of my best friends. BTW Happy Labor day! I honestly don't know anything about this holiday but what always caught my eye it was the rule " Don't wear white after Labor Day", I did my research and found out why you "can't" wear white. Let me be your history teacher for a couple of minutes or seconds.
It started in the 1800's when a lot more women started to being millionaires and decided to create fashion rules in order to see who was "in" or "out". I am pretty sure you all know that Labor Day means bye summer (isn't that so sad!) and this rule was made because white wasn't a color to wear in the fall, of course our avant garde fashion icon, Coco Chanel, broke the rules by wearing white all year round, but that's the main reason why you "can't" wear white.

Now let's get to a more fashion test and let me explain to you 3 easy ways to style white after Labor Day and look fab doing it! 

I know September might still be very warm, but pairing black with white is a classic that will never go out of style and to be honest no one will even notice that you are wearing white after labor day! If you want to do it very subtle so you don't melt on your way to work I would suggest just adding accessories, such as a hat, shoes and sunglasses! But if you want to be a little bit more "don't wear all white after Labor Day" I would go with some cool leather pants and a big handbag like the one in the picture! So always pair your whites with black! 

Now a cool way to have an all white outfit is to pair it with very light color hues like blush or grays! This way you won't be dressed in an all white outfit but you still will be looking pure and angelical (and stay cool). Remember, it is all about how to transition from Summer to fall so don't be scared of adding some more invernal colors (like gray). 

And last but not least, is to add cool shoes to your outfit this will make instantly eyes go straight to your feet (remember to have a nice pedicure though!), for this option I would choose like a romper or a mini skirt with a crop top, little white fabric will do the trick with the cool colored shoes! From prints to vibrants anything can be worn with minimal clothes on (keep it classy chicks!)

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