With gorgeous sunshine that tells me summer is approaching came the desire of having a Vespa, again. I don't know if it is the summer feelings that make me want to be outside all the time or missing having wheels to get me everywhere. But lately the only thing I am seeing in the streets are F Vespas! And I was so decided I wanted one last year I even went to see them and try them and fell in love with this one. Which made me think about something. Once you put your mind into something or start thinking you want something OR draw your attention to something you start seeing it more, everywhere and that is what we should do with our dreams and the things we want to accomplish! 

Seriously people, I am writing something soon about this subject. Focus on the important things! And I mean it, I'm not saying focus only in your family, but yourself and what you want! 

Maybe I should get the Vespa after all!