Last Saturday...

I went to The MET, my happy place, you already know, and went to see the exhibition 'Visitors to Versailles' which came to my attention on a facebook post and since I fell in love with that palace when I went to France I told myself I had to go. 

Best decision ever made. First of all I've always hated earphones at museum because I think people look uber stupid, but this time I decided to ask if they made any difference and the lady at the museum told me, absolutely. And oh boy, absolutely! So the idea of this exhibit is that you "go through" the palace as if you were an ambassador- the earphones made you think you were actually there with the 3D audio experience, kid you not, I looked several times away thinking someone was actually talking to me so the 3D in this exhibit is highly recommended. 

From someone that has been to the Palace of Versailles this is a must see (only if you loved it as much as I do) I remembered some great thing I saw back in 2012 there and it actually was a very good feeling to remember my euro trip where I had so much fun. 

If you are not in in NYC you can go here to listen to the 3D audios and maybe just see the pics of the gallery on the MET's website