Yeeeeaaahhh uuhhh I am crazy I know ! hahahaha, well I know the TITLE is crazy but huh! I just want to give some kind of turn andfun to my blog :)! lol. Lately I've been posting so much Trends Alert I should do a page just for that huh? maybe I will maybe I won't because I don't know how to! and If you want to help me just email me ok? lol!

Well the titles says it all.. well not exactly cause it says so much stuff , but the thing is Rompers! thisisa tricky garment! so tricky snicky ! Because! taller people like me look so much prettier in long rompers! and shorter people long rompers are just a MUST NOT! so the short ones really make their legs miles long! and for taller the larger romper makes teh exact same thing!

The thing I have is... I love short rompers ( even tho I have much more larger body than legs) it sounds weird like I am some of an alien kind.. but it is just a type of body... I mean I have shorter legs but I am still tall... Well I love short rompers but they really never fit me! and lately I've been inlvoe with longer rompers but I feel kind of weird wearing them :/! Plus teh longer rompers make you look super elegant!

Some pics to share !



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