I've been hearing a lot of bullying related stories and I am so sad about this! We all are human and we are all perfect in our own ways! We just need to love ourselves a little more!

I was bullied myself, and I know how hard it is but you need to take all of that crap and build your strength and that way you will survive, never be a little flower in short way of breaking, what I mean is that you never have to feel miserable because that's what they all want! Speak up for yourself, love yourself because when other people bothers you or hates you, you know they are jealous and you are so much better than they! 

Since this huge bully thing is up and up and we are not able to stop it I will take just one day to teach you how to love yourself, how to speak up and how to raise your voice and defend your rights! YOU are one of a kind and you should never FORGET that! If you are suffering or suffered bullying please comment below or email me at rafaellaonlineblog@gmail.com and I will do my best to help you !!!! KISSES AND LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!