Pump it up girls! A shoe thing that is the first that we think when we want to look polished, posh and super stylish! Nude, black or colors, this kind of shoe is your lifesaver! 

Either Mary Janes, peep toe or pumps you really can feel like the Duchess of Cambridge. Nude pumps are always your must have in your closets with the black ones! But adding some colors doesn't harm you closet at all! I think when you bring all the attention to the shoe it makes you more of a fun person, but if you want your shoe to go with your whole outfit, DEFINITELY don't put a super popping-out colored one! 

I love how many fashion designers have add some crazy stuff to the shoes, the red soles (Louboutins), the heel cut (pic above, YSL) and sometimes super plane ones that can be easily found at department stores all over the world at amazing prices! Be sure to have at least one pair! But I will be honest, I NEVER get my exact size with these .. So personal experience, always try them first!