First of all Hey lovelys ! I wait all this time hoping that I could get to 20,000 hits! and today I did !! I am soo happy and I feel extremely good with thi, I know that I have only 18 followers and that is super low! But 20,000+ people visiting the blog is just amazing! I started this trip in August and now in March I already have 20,000 !!! that is a lot since I stopped posting like for 3 months lol!

This week can go any better? Thinking positive sure it helps! and first Obama was in my country! I felt so American when I heard his words! I just feel amazing being American ! it is just THE GREATEST and now the 20,000+ hits?!!?! It just made my whole entire week! now I can't wait to have 50,000 hits! hahahahah But I seriously need more followers ! so why don't you guys follow me more? You can follow me with your google account, your blogger account, facebook account and twitter account ! and I am pretty sure with many more! 
so what are you waiting for !? Also I want to say I am working on this amazing idea that I have but I think in a couple of months you will guys will see it! Just hold on keep waiting while you see all my cool entries ok ? 

Now going with something more in the Style sense lol, I will speak about blazers and jackets, I know I already post about this but this amazing new trend is just making me adore them more than I did ! I am falling in love with colored jackets and blazers.. they cna go on with so many outfits but you will alaways have to know how to pull them out together!

The perfect blazer or jacket for me are the extra large, like not regular size, more longer and that way you can pull it off with an amazing pair of cute high waisted shorts or skirt ! and of course with cute little sexy skinny jeans or just normal pants! 

The Stilettos will make a great combination and with great accessories we are on the other side! so be sure to check out all of this trends, now how to style your closet and your self and keep up with The Style Stash ! 

I aslo am having another surprise that it will take a little.. but you will see it ok ? 
 RafaellaOnline !