Oh La La is the word that fits perfectly for the new black! Camel... such a great and beautiful color! Lately I've been posting lots of summer and spring trends and fashion musts so I decided not to left aside my loyal readers in the south hemisphere ! That's why I brought the coolest trend for this winter!

Well... Camel also works in Autumn, and since we are in that season... you must buy somethign camel now! hahahaha. I really love putting a whole Camel outfit together.. or at least be color coordinated.. liek Camel, and dark brown, and light brown and cream and beige! I just adore that type of combination !

Sorry, I know I said I would post outfits of the day and stuff..but I realized that going to school.. when I get back home I just put on a sweatpant and a hoodie to just chill out and study all day! I know.. pretty boring! but I will try to dress myself just for you guys <3!

Well finishing with the camel trend... It is just amazing.. you can find in any store this type of color because is something that never is going to stop.. is teh same as black and white and gray and actually everysingle color! or dark color.. Well the thing is you will never be OUT with camel.. this season the trend is just stronger but all the time was there !

RafaellaOnline !