Second post of the day and I am excited with this one since I love the trend! I know the crop tops are a little bit "old" and I say "old" because the trend started a while ago .. dissappeared for two seconds and now is back but more light-ish !

The thing is I've been so obsessed with my personal tumblr (and that's why I haven't been able to reblog osme pics in the public tumblr! ) and I am seeing all this pictures full of pretty girls with amazing crop tops!

Yes I know, they look like bras! but it is because is a very singular and stylish crop top ! because it has the same structure as an old bra!

The thing I adore about them is that they come in every single color and print and design! also you can put them together in so many places! For example the beach (Totally perfect), your local fair, a great rollercoaster park ! and many places too ! You also can wear them with something over if it is too cold outside or if you are a little ashamed of wearing these great but tiny crop tops!

They can go super cute with great skinny jeans or high waisted pants and shorts ! Remember the entry about the shorts? I did a while ago ? Click here for more. Well with those go absolutely AMAZING! I hope you guys love this trend as much as I do ! and I have one single Question ! Do you like more this type of pictures that I've been uploading lately? or prefer the old times one! like Celebrity and Hollywood? or Both mixed or just one with celebrity and another one with super boho and cool pictures like this entry? Let me know guys !!! I want to hear your opinions!

RafaellaOnline !