So I am going to give a super fast How to Style your Style Folder! It can be in the computer and also ina real folder!!!

First: Separate the looks but what you most love it... for example the image below! I love the belt, the blouse and the shorts! But I definetely ADORE the blouse because it is something you don't see everyday! That's why I would put it in the Shirts or Tops Section !

For example I love this blouse too ! that's why this is my #2 aswell !

Love the Shorts, that's why Short Section !

Now these goes in the Top section and/or Sweater section ! It can variate becuase you might have only Tops and Bottoms! or you can have Tops/Sweaters, or blouses or something else!

 Second !
now teh accessories! as you all know Shoes are consider an accessory! I consider them a stylish piece in my wardrobe that's why they have their own section, it Can be Stilettos, Pumps, Boots, Flats, Wedges! I love to put them all in one cause I love to see them everytime :D

 Or you can put them according to the shoe color! or sole ! <3!

Also it can be according the heel height!!!

And also it can be from which you love the most!

It was super quick! nothing detailed! that's why I will be doing a special section of How to Style your Style Folder! Just wait! I will give the news in the homepage :)!