How was your Christmas!? I hope you guys received a lot of presents but of course the most important thing.. spending time with your loved ones and celebrate the birth of Jesus! I decided it was too much summer ish in my blog and since the most part who reads it is in the middle of the winter I decided to go with my top big sweaters! 

They are the perfect way to stay cozy, warm and fashionable... you can pull out a great outfit with great accessories, such as shoes, sunglasses or long necklaces! How I love to wear sweaters are with simple black leggings or depending in the color of the sweater! (but NEVER white) they make your legs look way much bigger and since I don't really want that ... there is no white legging in my wardrobe!

Lots of people don't like to wear knitwear since they say they want to flirt on with guys and that kind of stuff, so they have to look amazingly beautiful and super great! but honeys, men will love you because who you are not because of what you wear (unless they like prostitutes hahaha)... well the thing is you CAN wear a beautiful long sweater or over sized.. and look AMAZING for your man!