Well, well, well another beauty product for you! I can't help to buy lovely things and not sharing them! The other day I wanted to buy a highlighter and it was way too much money (ended up buying it anyways because it had 30% off lol). So I decided I would buy this chubby stick from Clinique cause it is rather lighter than how it looks on the pictures and I was going to use it as a highlighter, they had a discount on the store so I bought the Mac mineralize powder too and kept this one as my shadow stick.

I tried this and I LOVED it! It is so good, it has a little less color than how it looks on real life, so imagine it 3 times lighter as it appears in the pics, but is great because it is a casual color you can always use. I myself, don't apply too much eye make up so this is perfect when I want to glam it up a little bit on my day to day! Packaging is great, simple, efficient and really easy to manipulate and the box as you can see is super cute! Definitely a must have for those who love make up but don't wear too much on a day to day basis. 

The painting in the background is by my uncle, isn't it so beautiful!?