The FIFA World cup is here, and I am beyond excited! I am not a super soccer loving woman, but I definitely enjoy watching the matches! My heart is torn by two countries as you may know. My heart is half American half Chilean, while I have to say I consider myself more American than Chilean because of the things I like and how I liked them, but been living here my whole life, of course makes me love the soccer team from here, and I've got to be honest! I would love Chile to win the cup! And we are ;)!

I was actually flying to the cup this Sunday (as I wanted) but suddenly all the plane tickets where sold in like 3 hours! And the other ones left, are OMFG super expensive.. like I wouldn't spend 4,000 dollars on a plane ticket, Sorry! :) I will be uploading a nail tutorial soon on these nails! I hope you love them! And I will do a tutorial with a lot of flags sometime next week! ;).