Remember my last post about how I had some problems with the acrylics on my nails!? Well, I decided to go shopping for some formulas to help my nails and hand look better, along that I found some great sale stuff ;)! 

First I needed some calcium (it doesn't appear in the picture) which really helped my nails like overnight! And then I say for $4 this Ridge filler and it was really great too, maybe the combination was for perfect results but I still swear by that calcium! 
Also I got the cuticle cream by Essie, which was heaven to my cuticles and some red/coral ( appears super red, is not that much) and a little pinky bottle too! Which I am in the search for the perfect pink. Oh and I can't forget a half price brow wiz by Anastasia! How cool is that, I expected to get it when I go to Miami but now I have it! This shop, was a great deal in itself!