Lately I've been so into beauty is insane and as soon as I heard about the Alluring Aquatic collection by MAC I wanted everything, bad luck they didn't have it in my country when it came out in the states, but a few days later they brought it here! And I have to say, I was a little disappointed, click READ MORE below to see why! 

So, the reason I wasn't so impress with the collection is because it had little lipsticks and 2 bronzers that one was too shiny to be a bronzer and the other one was super like the NARS I have. Anyways, I went to the lipstick station because I adore lipsticks and the only one that caught my mind was this. And it actually didn't surprised me, I thought it was super similar to the Rebel one, which I love. But this one called 'goddess of the sea' was more shiny than the Rebel since it is creemsheen lipstick. Overall I decided to pick up this cause it goes really well with my skin and it was the one I loved the most. Maybe I didn't like it that much cause it wasn't to great for super pale skin as mine.. since all the colors were super light and almost white, overall it was beautiful but not so surprising to me! But I would definitely pick up something because the packaging is a great HIT!