Hi! Since this blog started with the idea of bing a nail art blog today I will tell you my favorite 3 Brands! And my last 5 colors!

China Glaze
This brand is definetely my fav! Tho some of you may think it is uncomfy because the brush i super skinny! That would be def a con! But the finish is a little bit opaque and tht is cool because you have the best of both worlds! Because when you apply the topcoat the finish is just as beautiful as you imagined!

What I love about this is the huge brush it covers all your nail and it is just flawless! The bad thing I don't like at all is that it lasts so much to dry!!!!

It is cheap! And the holographic collection is AMAZING never saw ones like that collection! Tho i recommend not to buy the purple holographic because it NEVER dries I swear!! It never does! I haven't see want time that thing drive but the green one dries perfectly lol!

My fav 5 colors!
-Mint of course the latest trend ! I love thia color and Ibdon't know why! But it ia atunning :)!
-Red orange ish! It is so bright it reminds me of summer bbut at the same time is so wearable for winter!
-Light pink! Such a beautiful color, it is perfect for school and it is as simple as a princess would love!
-Vlack , the MUST have ! It ia perfect for a party wotha gold or silver accessories!
-Deep blue! I never get bored of this color and that's why had two buy my second one in less than 6 months! And you see the bottles are giant! Hahaha i just love it

Hope you love it and tell me what you think!