Hey everyone! I am so sorry for not posting any entries yesterday but my schedule have been pretty busy! So today I decided to post something more Summer ish! The Bustier Top! I love them so much!!!They give you everything you need and want. The Support, The Glamour, The Elegance and best of all The Eye Catching! 

Who wouldn't want people to look at you? I guess no one, or at least not me! lol I love when people stares at my outfit, it gives me the satisfaction of pulling out the perfect balance! BUT I do not need the approval of people or to know what they think! We must be ourselves and feel comfortable in what we have and in what we think!!! 

The Bustier top is super flirty! and when it is patterned (Photo up) is such a playful garment! You will look super childish but at the same time super adult! because with these kind of tops, your girls will look much more bigger!