Hey sweethearts! Well Happy 1st June! let's make it special and make a wish! So I like to take a little time to say thank you for all the followers I have already! all the people that have read my blog and that is super encouraging!!! I really love it! and when I saw people saying "thanks to my followers I am so happy" I thought that was only shit! but now I am feeling it !! and if you are thinking the same thing I thought... when you, honey, have a blog and you have feedback it is just amazing! so really thank you, thank you!!!.


Lot's of days or even month I haven't posted anything about Nail Polishes... and for all the people to know.. this blog was supposedly to be only about nail polishes but it turned completely the other way! and I love it !:) 
Well I think we all know Minty is so fashionable right now! every single stylish person is wearing it and you definitely don't want to be out of it! This minty colors remind me of the Mint Chips.. that ice cream is the bomb! I love it! lol.

Well said that a little, I want to give a little sneak peak of the new nail polish to this summer! because Mint is for spring! but Blue (in every shade you can imagine) will be IN the eyes of every girl at the beach! such a great color for your toes!!!! I always wear blue in my toes! I mean .. ALWAYS! when I was in Miami the only color I had on my toes was Blue Electric from OPI! and I love it :)