Lots of time haven't done a complete entry! but finally I have a little time, plus,this made me so happy so I HAD to make time for this! So... Forever 21 is launching a "campaign" . They will donate money for WWF that means World Wildlife Fund... is a worldwide organization that supports this wild animals and the conservation of the planet!


If you buy any of this T-Shirts they will donate the money for WWF! I love this, because I simply LOVE animals and I think they are the most beautiful thing in this world! YES more beautiful than diamonds, money, cars and houses! They are simply, everything to me.


I have to say I had a dog (now he passed away) and he was the most amazing dog I can remember! he was just my right hand, my brother, my son and my father... I don't know how to express myself since I really love him, and after 3 years of him gone away I still CRY only for him.


That's why I want to help for this! I love animals and I like to keep the world the way it is ! and even make it better! the thing is time will tell... but always remember ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! 


Let's shop and help all at the same time!